kids  campS:

Kids Camp: June 29-July 1st, 2023

Kids on Mission: July 10-13, 2023

Our first Kids Camp of the summer is a easy, weekend camp that celebrates KIDS coming to know Jesus! This camp will be a fun filled weekend of Worship, games, smores, and learning more about Jesus.  

Our other Kids camp is our Kids on Mission Camp.  This camp is geared for kids completed 1st grade-6th grade. This camp allows boys and girls the opportunity to learn about how to share Christ, in their schools, neighborhoods, sport teams, and in their homes!

For ages: COMPLETED 1ST-6th grade


Kids Camp (6/29-7/1): $150

begins 10am Thursday, June 29 & ends 2pm on Saturday, July 1

Kids on Mission Camp (7/10-13): $190

begins 10am Monday, July 10 & ends 7pm on Thursday, July 13

If not registered by 6/1 cost is increased by $10. If not registered by 2 weeks prior to camp, the cost increases by $20. 

Register for Kids Camp (6/29): 

Individual Camper click here

Church Group  click here

Register for Kids on Mission Camp (7/10)

Individual Camper: click here

Church Group:        click here

Downloadable Forms: 

Individual form Summer_2023_Camper_Registration.pdf

(mailed in prior to camp to reserve spot if not registered online)

Church group form Summer_2023_Group_Reservation.pdf

(mailed in prior to camp to reserve spot if not registered online)

Permission Form 2023_PermissionForm.pdf

this is due on arrival!

Things to Know-Coming Soon!

What to Bring

Theme Nights:  COMING SOON!

Be creative and dress up in the theme for the evening. This outfit/shirt, etc. should be worn for dinner-bedtime!